Growth is Human

Working with The Growth Strategy Company on their “Growth is Human” Film was an amazing experience that we will not soon forget.  Doing interviews in a beautiful haunting 140-year-old textiles factory was fascinating and incredibly fulfilling to our curious natures!

The people at The Growth Strategy Company are forward thinkers. They have ideas and products that are really going to make a difference for companies and their leaders, as they attempt to navigate and sustain growth in this changing business environment.

The Growth Strategy Company came to us after a disappointing experience making a film with another company. After we viewed the previous film, we agreed that it was better just to start over rather than attempt to salvage the film.  Once that was decided we discussed the needs and goals for the film.   When I was a kid, I had a fortune cookie that read, “A smart person learns from their mistakes, a genius learns from other people’s mistakes.”  This has always stuck with me, so we took a good look at the previous film and tried to figure out where they had failed. From there we figured out the kinds of people we would wanted to interview, and then we wrote out questions that we felt targeted the message we needed to deliver in the film.  The client also provided us with content to read, a film, and a commercial that had the tone or feel they wanted in their film.  It’s always nice to see other films that a client likes, even if they are different or address different ideas and needs.  Sometimes just a visual tone or style of lighting tells us a lot about a client and their idea.

Logistics and Crew:

Logistically the factory was in Philadelphia, PA and we were in Maryland.  Not to far, but definitely an over night shoot when you have 9 interviews and B-Roll to accomplish all in a single day.  We brought two crew teams.  Team A was comprised of a four person team that handled all the interviews, while Team B’s two person team was tasked with getting B-Roll of the factory and surrounding neighborhood. On a later date we grabbed two additional interviews in The Growth Strategy Company office space with a smaller three person team.


We wanted to be able to move quickly yet create beautiful organic looking imagery, so we chose to shoot the interviews with our new Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS L Version 2 and the B-Roll with one of our Canon 5D Mark IIs and a host of lenses.  We brought a good sized light kit as factories are often dark and big machines are not lit for beauty.  In one of the interviews we ended up using four lights on the big background machine, so it was very nice to have the extra lights and color temperatures to really paint in the otherwise black void in the back ground.


It’s amazing how much content we created in two days! When we set to the task of cutting there was a lot of film to watch, but we feel it’s important to make sure we view it all and mark areas that feel honest, emotional, and true to story.  In the end, there was beautiful emotion from the ex-factory workers – honesty and thoughtfulness in the message from all the interviews.


We had Gabriel DiMarco over at compose music that perfectly complimented the mood and tone of the final film.  Gabe is super talented, open to ideas, and is a great asset to have on any production.

The films final usage does not permit us to share it publically, but we are happy to share the promotional trailer for the film and hope you enjoy it!!!

Click here to view the trailer

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