For me, it is all about stories! What’s your story?

PulseCinema is a video production company dedicated to visual excellence, but more importantly we are story tellers.

Stories are intertwined in the heart’s breath of our cultures and our individual relationships. Everyone has stories whether large or small and those stories are important to how we relate to each other. Often we hear stories via word of mouth such as scary ghost accounts over a campfire or a lunchtime story of how our friends bonded on some journey they shared over the weekend. Humankind has told stories through spoken words, written texts, paintings, sculptures, photos, animations, films, and more… I personally love that films have the ability to incorporate all forms of art.

I am driven by the people I meet and the stories they share.  I look forward to meeting many new people and hearing many new stories in the years that come!

One story you may not know we are working on is called “Alucrad”.  Alucrad is a science fiction Graphic Novel written by myself and drawn by Chris Stehm. Please enjoy our samples pages of the art work and we hope to update you on our progress with this story in the future!

In the mean time we invite you to view our work on the film page at and to contact us to speak about how we can help you or your company tell your story!

Best Regards,


PulseCinema is a Maryland video production company serving Washington, DC, Virginia, and the US. We are passionate and have the spirit of excellence!