The Undeparted – Our journey continues…

My co-producer Rob and I are moving steadily forward with video production on our TV Pilot for the docu-series “The Undeparted”. On Februrary 12th, 2017  we completed another production day and are moving towards our final location shoot day. I have never considered myself a strong believer in Ghosts or Spirits, but I am open minded and very interested to learn about people’s experiences. This production has seen some strange, unexpected, and seemingly unexplainable things happen and I am even more curious to continue investigating this subject then when we set out to make this Pilot. Even on such a tight budget, photographically speaking it has been a dream to create images for a project like this and we hope that you will enjoy this show both as a story and as a visual experience. Our mission: To explore stories of spirit attachments in a classic documentary style without the flashes of light, green night vision cameras, and deep breath “what was that?” moments. We simply want to let people tell their stories and experiences in their own words! As the show progresses, we also want to explore the idea of other dimensions and parallel universes and how they may open our world to what we view as the paranormal.We are truly excited about this production and look forward to sharing updates with you as we move forward with our work. We hope you enjoy these stills pulled from our content clips!Stay tuned for project updates!

Thank you for reading.

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Chris McGuinness

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